Salvation comes to one

I know that it has been a while since my last blog but there has been a “little” activity going on with us. God has shown me a lot over the last couple of months. I do want to fill you all in on what is happening with every detail, but I will not bore you with all of  that and just give you the highlights.

Since I  last wrote , our church has grown to 11 who faithfully attend our Bible Study. We helped a family from Brooklyn Park Middle school with thanksgiving dinner and just the other day (Dec. 21) we helped 8 families with getting them presents for their kids. I just want to stop and say Praise God for all that He is doing. With that being said we have a partnership with the middle school and can not wait to see how will bless them as well as us through this partnership.

We will be starting our next Bible study on the Epistles to John and Jude next week (December 30th). I have seen growth in the ones that have been coming faithfully. As they have been grwoing I was able to make sure that one of our men, really knew the Lord and He received the Lord this month (That’s what makes it the reason why I do this). We also have 2 more that our on the verge to receiving the Lord. I am hoping and praying that in the new year, we will have at least 4 people that will need to be baptized.

Finally, I introduced our church to the meaning of tithing and it was received well. I told them that I will be taking a small salary starting in January from the funds that they give and what outside funds I get (which again thank you for those that have been giving). Also in the last blog I told you of a fairly large church that was going to see if they were going to add me in their 20115 budget, and the naswer to that was a huge YES!!!

So once again, God has been doing much greatness through this church plant and I am excited to see where He leads us in 2015.

My prayers for this month: That God would lead people to us that can help us grow (i.e. someone to lead music, sound, media, etc.). Yes, Our Church would like to have Sunday services soon, but I told them to be patient (more about this in the next blog)
Another prayer is that I keep following His direction and not mine.

Thank you all again for your prayers and support. And our Lord for being faithful.

God Bless and Go MAD

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