Can Not Stop Us

What can I say about what has happened since the last time I wrote to you all. God has overwhelmed us in many ways, so I am going to share a few with you all. I know that I started out the last post how God has overwhelmed us, but there is more as I said in closing the post.

Since the last time I wrote we have had 3 more Bible studies and as I am writing this one, we will have our fourth. So let me get you all up to speed, first as for “new” people, we have had at least someone new every week except last week so we are averaging 8 on a regular basis (All in God’s timing). I also have put out an email letting you know how you can help support us (If you did not get it, please let me know), but what happen next really began this journey that Sherry and I are on.

The last week of my employment at FBC Edgewater, I was informed from the BCM/D that because of my inexperience that I would not pass the assessment to get funded by NAMB (North American Mission Board). But this is where I have seen God do His work. God had told me a couple of weeks prior to this news that I would face a stumbling block with this Church plant and it would come from someone or something that I would not expect. Praise God that He revealed this to me before the news, not really sure how I would have taken it (I guess God really does know So as the news hit me and I did wonder for a bit, he reminded me about how I got into Youth ministry in the first place when another obstacle was in the way (That story for another time). The bottom line from both stories, was I going to listen to man and retreat or was I going to Listen to Him and push forward and as in both cases Sherry and I are pushing forward. So with that being said, Sherry and I are really missionaries (we all are missionaries) but in the sense that we have to raise our own support. BUT this is what God has called us to do and HE will take care of us as long as I stay in His will.

One other story before I close this blog. Some of you, have not only received the email but you have passed it on to your friends and family. The reason I tell you that is because I received a email from a rather large church who said that they were getting ready to do their 2015 budget and they were going to see if they could throw a few dollars my way with no promises. Now that was overwhelming, but the part that really blew me a way was they had askedĀ  about sound equipment, any needs? Also they said, “once you get facilities we may have some men or folks to help with construction.”

Isn’t this what it’s all about, helping others out, I hope that you have been encouraged but what I wrote and that you take some time out to see God work in your life as well as others and see where you can be part of something great for God.

If you want to know anything else about what is going on, please don’t hesitate to email or comment me here.

If you have supported Sherry and I with this church plant either by financial support or prayers , we want to say Thank you!!!

God is working here in Brooklyn Park and I am glad that God has given me the task to reach people with the Gospel.

George Gracie Jr.

Lead pastor (Church Planter)

Brooklyn Park Community Church

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