Our Story

Someone asked me “Why Brooklyn Park?” And I politely said to them “why not”. My wife Sherry and I have lived here in the community of Brooklyn Park for the last thirty years (Sherry lived in the same house we are living in for most of her life, her grandfather built the house). But we never really “ministered” in our community, due to the fact that whatever church we attended is where my focus went.

Around 2012, my cousin told me that God told her to tell me “that God wanted me to plant a church” and I laughed her off. But as 2014 began, God starting stirring at my heart about changing from what I was doing at the time (Associate/Student pastor) to make a change. Through a lot of prayer and confirmation from other “things” Brooklyn Park Community Church was birthed. We started in September of 2014 with a Bible Study in our home and starting in the spring 2015  we started and are still meeting in the middle school in Brooklyn Park meeting.

I am not sure exactly what God has in store for us, but I am sure as long as we follow Him, He will leads us to bigger things. My prayer is that you would come along side of us as God leads us to a future and a hope that only Jesus Christ can offer.

P.S. Much more to tell of our story, so we invite you to come check us out and when you do, ask me more of the story and I will love telling you all about it.

God Bless and Go MAD (Make A Difference)
Pastor George Gracie Jr

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