Crazy January

Where do I start? January has had its ups and downs. First the downs, as a church most of us was sick with the nasty bug that was going around and so we have not met all together since before Christmas. With that being said as of January 20, we have started our new series (Life Lessons- I, II, II John and Jude). Also we have a lady that wants to receive the Lord, but every time that we needed to get together to “talk” about it, something has come up.

Let’s talk about the “ups”. As I am writing this the lady that I have been wanting to get together received the Lord tonight (Tuesday January 27th), here is what she said after she prayed  “as I was praying to receive the Lord, this warm feeling came over me”. Isn’t this what it’s all about. We also have a website now: Thanks to Chris for donating his time and money to help in a area that I have no clue in.

We will be having a Baptism of at least 3 people, maybe 4 in the near future (if you want to be there or just want to know when, let me know).

There are some exciting things going on here at BPCC and I am so glad that I listened to the Lord to do His work in Brooklyn park. I do have some other exciting news to tell you but I  will wait until the next blog.

Once again, thank you all for your prayers and givings to Sherry and I and I am glad to keep you all updated so you can see the results of what your support is doing. Until next time, God Bless and Go MAD

George Gracie Jr.

Lead pastor (Church Planter)
Brooklyn Park Community Church

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