It only can be from God

Hello Everyone,

Well, as usual I am overwhelmed how God is working through Sherry and I. On Tuesday Sept. 2, we had our first meeting as a new church plant. There were 4 people plus Sherry and I (6 total), which I think is a good start even though I would have loved more, I know in His timing. I thought the night went well, we ate some food, played a little game and then I gave them my Testimony and why God was leading us to a church plant in Brooklyn Park.

As I am writing this paragraph, we have just completed our 3rd meeting and we are up to 10 people, how much can I say, God is AMAZING. He has shown me how to completely trust in Him, which at times we want to jump in front of Him.

Week two we talked about the Lambs book of life and what that meant, after that we dived into John Chapter 3 with Nicodemus and what it means to be born again, and tonight because our books didn’t come in on time (more about how God worked with that in a minute) we talked about how we can live intentionally. Which I believe it went very well and others responded to it quit well.

Now onto the story of the books. When you get involved in a small group (Bible Study) you want to have books that people can take home, read, answer the questions, then come to the group ready to share. Well that cost money and as you should know from my previous blog, money is what we do not have. But God is the One with all the resources. I prayed to God and said to Him, “God, you know that I don’t have the money but I know that you started Sherry and I on this journey, so I know that everything I am doing has to come by you, so I need the money for these books”. To make a long story shorter, I ordered the books and God supplied the money by giving me a check to cover the expenses for the books. PRAISE GOD!!! is all i can say.

I hope that this encourages you as much as it has encouraged me. I have so much more to tell you all but I will leave that for another time.

Join us on this Journey
George Gracie Lead Pastor
Brooklyn Park Community Church

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