Hello All,

Welcome to our blog, the goal for this blog is to keep you informed of how God is moving in our lives. Once a month (maybe more) we will update you on our journey. I hope that you will keep us in prayer as we move forward.

So where to start? What a crazy, fun, exciting, anxious journey that God has put Sherry and me on. I think that is enough adjectives to use in one sentence.

It started about three years ago when my pastor came to me and told me to get my resume together because money was very tight. So not only did he tell me to put it together, but you might want to put your resume out there, so I did. Since I was a Youth Pastor, that is what I applied for. Six months later nothing materialized, so my thinking was God still wanted me to stay at FBC Edgewater. Fast forward to the following year, same thing was told to me about the lack of money coming into the church. So again I started applying for jobs, but this time God was telling me that Youth ministry is not where He wants me. At this I told God “no”, “you called me into youth and youth is where I am staying”. I can tell you that I struggled with this for almost a year.

Finally around November of last year (2013), I finally gave in and told God, “your will”. When this happened, I prayed to God to reveal what He wanted me to do. I enjoyed preaching so maybe He wanted me to Pastor a church, well after applying to many jobs with no avail, I really was wondering what He wanted from me, until around May of this year (2014) when I went to a church planting meeting reluctantly. It was there that God revealed to me that he wanted me to start a church. I was not ready for that (Still not) but sherry and I have started the journey.

So what does a home church look like? It will start as a Bible Study in our home. So Sept. 2, 2014, we will officially have our kick off. As I am writing this, we know of a couple of cousins that will be coming, we will be going to our neighbors this week to invite them. So when you read this, our prayer is that all of our neighbors will come but I will be thankful even if we only get one to start.

So we ask for your prayers as we following where God leads us. See you in the next blog.

George Gracie
Lead Pastor
Brooklyn Park Community Church

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