Being Used By God

God uses ordinary

Date: 1/29/2017
Title: Being Used By God
Speaker: Pastor Darryl J. Stalter
Scripture: Matthew 1-4



Many of us want to be used by God for building His kingdom, but often feel unqualified for the task. We look at the Apostles and perceive them as super saints, uniquely qualified in themselves to serve Christ. We elevate them and lift them onto pedestals so high that they cease to be people, but myths of legend. Doing so, we forget their beginnings. They too struggled with insignificant beginnings and mundane occupations. The often lacked spiritual understanding, humility, faith, commitment, an power. They were not the first stringers of the religious elite, but rather those who would not have even been considered by them as part of the team. It is these twelve ordinary men that Jesus chose do do the extraordinary. Like them, God can and does use us for the building of His kingdom, not because of any innate ability on our part. Rather, He works through us because of who Jesus is, what he has done for us, and our relationship to him.

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