God’s Mission Briefing

God's Mission Briefing

Date: 2/5/2017
Title: God’s Mission Briefing
Speaker: Pastor Darryl J. Stalter
Scripture: Matthew 10:5-15


When it comes to serving God we often feel as though we have been given a mission without a briefing. We believe that God has called us to go into all the world and preach the gospel, but we think it is up to ourselves to come up with the strategy, the objectives, the equipment, and the overall plan. So, we either start grasping for straws at what to do or, worse yet, we stay in the relative safety of our churches and do not go. Yet, God has left us with instructions. In Matthew 10 Jesus instructs his Apostles on what they are to do as they were sent. Although these are specific instructions given to them and their call to ministry, this passage provides us with biblical principles that apply to God’s sending of us.

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