Year end Review for 2015

I thought I would give you a little update on what is going on here. We have not seen anyone get saved in the last several months but we will be baptizing at least 4 people this Spring/summer at Sandy point.

We have had several outreach opportunities with the latest one giving out free coffee and hot chocolate. With this outreach we had our first 3 guest come to our service, they have stayed and 2 of them have joined our C-Group (Community group) which is our home Bible study. One for Men’s night and one for the ladies night.

We have grown from 8 which started with a bible study in Sept. 2014 to 25-30 this month (January). We now offer classes for 2-5 yrs. old and K-5th grade (About 8-12 kids) so about 15-20 adults

Probably the most interesting thing that has happen since we began is that the “original” group not counting Sherry and I is that we have only 1 is still involved. Everyone has come along since June of 2015. So praise God

It hasn’t always been great, at one point when I didn’t have patience, I thought that this was not for me and I asked God if He didn’t want me to do this anymore, take it all away.

Well that is all for now, thank you for your prayers and support, I appreciate it very much.

Things to pray for in no particular order
1. More core people
2. more people that need the Lord
3. we have a few teachers for the kids but we can always use more and helpers for the kids.
4. God to give me Wisdom in leading His church.
5. Still looking for someone to lead us in music.
6. We grow as a church, not only physically but more important Spiritually.

God Bless and Go MAD

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