Slow Going

Hello All,

Here is May’s update for Brooklyn Park Community Church (BPCC).

When God created me I never knew that I would be where I am today. I can tell you for me it took a long time to get here. I tell you this to let you know the kind of person that God created. When God informed me that He wanted me to start a church, the one thing that He kept reminding me was patience, patience, patience. This word is hard for me and I am sure that it is hard for you, but God needs to teach me this in order to do what He wants to do with and through me.

As most of you know, we had our official launch on April 26, and as I am writing this, we just have completed May. During the month of May, I had personal issues going on with what God is doing with His church (BPCC).  I was hearing all these church starts that were getting 30 and 40 people for their launch and we had 13. I know what you are thinking, it’s not about the numbers but I was still wondering what I was doing wrong. It was then that God reminded me of what He has already done.

Out of those 13, God saved two people, confirmed another and brought back 5 people to church after they have been away from church for a while. While this was going on, I asked you all to pray for core people to join us and God delivered. Starting in June, I will have a former student who I taught Sunday School and her husband join us to help with various duties including getting our children’s church up and running. The husband will be able to help me in many ways as well.  Even though are “numbers” are not going up (Avg. 9-12 a week as of the end of May), Spiritually they are all growing and for the most part sharing. God is moving but He is just moving at His pace even though I think it is slow growing, but only in numbers.  I would rather have 10 people on fire for God, than 100 people being “pew sitters”. The 10 will grow in God’s timing.

Side Note: I have preached a series on “Love at first sight”, and now we are on the series I titled “Nuts and Bolts” spending three weeks on the Trinity and now of today (4th week) I will be preaching on the importance of church.

So as always, for those who are supporting us and or praying for us a BIG THANK YOU.

Still keep in Prayer for:

1. Core people to join,

2.  someone who will take over the finances of our church so that I am not the only one doing them (accountability).

3. Also workers for the harvest in and out of the church

4. Continue relationships with our communities

5. Wisdom for me to lead God’s people


I do have some really exciting news to share with you in June, so stay tuned for that.


God Bless and Go MAD

George Gracie Jr.

Lead pastor (Church Planter)
Brooklyn Park Community Church


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