Know me before they Know me.

Where do I start. As I am writing this I have a heavy heart. There has been so much going on in April and most of it has been great. April started out with us having Easter Service at our house with our Small group and I believe that it went well. The following Saturday we went out to our community and surrounding communities and passed out almost 1000 Event postcards. It was our group plus some help from our former church FBC Edgewater (Thank you all for helping out). We had some doors closed in our faces, many were not home and we did have some great conversations with the people.

That Sunday we had a soft launch and in case you do not know what that means that we have a service with just family and friends, it went very well. I am not much on numbers but to those people that want to know, we had 18. The more important part of that service, a lady came from our community and rededicated her life to the Lord. We were led in Worship by a worship leader from Lake Shore (Still looking for someone to come along side of us and lead us)

The following Sunday we had our second soft launch and was not well attended as the first week, but you need to know that God has told me that the approach that I have you going will be a small growth. With God revealing this to me, it will be one of the hardest things for me because this is teaching me patience, but I also know that I LOVE building relationships with people and I want people to know me before they know me. Also because we had no one to lead us in Worship, we used Worship video’s that I thought it went well.

This past Sunday (April 26) was our actually launch to the public and we had 5 guest that came and even though it wasn’t what I thought we would get, I was very happy with those that did come and check us out.

I know that God has a plan for our church and I am glad that He is using me and our group to reach people for Jesus by bringing them hope that only Jesus can give them. So with that being said here is our prayer request for May:

Pray that more will hear what God has for them by using us to give out His Word.

Pray that God will lead someone to come to come along us and leads us in Worship also to be a part of Children’s Church.

With the last one, please keep Sherry in prayer is that she spends A LOT of time with kids and not much in service or small group.

Pray for a couple from our group who is struggling (this is one of the reasons why my heart is heavy) with things in their life.

Pray for me that God would give me Wisdom to lead, serve, teach, and preach to the people of Brooklyn Park and surrounding communities.

And pray for whatever God lays on your heart to pray for us.

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