Moving Forward

The second part of this blog will be short but full of GREAT “stuff”. What’s happening with God’s Church?

The month of February has had more ups then downs but as most of you know the downs really hurt. So let me talk about the downs briefly. The first “down” was one of the guys who was attending relapsed back into drugs, but the good news about that, is that he now is in a Christian clinic to help him but it is in a different state. Secondly another person who is attending, her boyfriend starting doing drugs again and she kicked him out, so it was very hard on her. I know that God’s plans are not always ours but it hurts nonetheless.

Okay enough of the “down” stuff. Now for the “up” stuff. Though we are not growing Physically we are growing Spiritually (which to me is more important). God is putting the “puzzle” together in His timing and believe it or not (if you know me), I am okay with it and rather enjoying building relationships through His timing. We have been studying I John it really is going really good.

Also we just started planning meetings with having Sunday Services in April. So let me tell you all that we have done up to this point in getting to where we are now.

First I had a meeting with a potential worship leader, that I thought went very well, he came back to me last week and told me that God didn’t tell Him either way that he should go but since his wife was having some health issues it might not be right timing. I need you all to know that God in not so much words that he is the guy. Just yesterday, he said that God did not give him peace about staying put, so prayerfully he will still join us, but he did say that he would sub until we found someone. You have no idea what a relief to me that is (You really don’t want me to lead the singing part) to take the burden off of my shoulder.

I also have ordered new business cards and just today ordered Event Postcards to hand out to our community. One of the ladies who attend will be able to get our Banner flags for free and our tithe boxes as well. So Praise the Lord for that.

Not sure if I told you all in the last email that we have a church who is giving us 1% of their budget. The name of the church is Lake Shore Baptist, they are also giving some equipment to help us get started with our Worship music. So once again Praise the Lord!!!

I went to Brooklyn Park Middle School to reserve the cafeteria for our Sunday Service and found out that it will cost us $630 a WEEK. So I know that this is what God wants, so I am trusting Him for the funds. Hopefully today I will be purchasing  our CLLI for copyrighted music, within the next month media shout and a great laptop for the church.

So with that being said please keep in prayer the following, not in any particular order:

1. Worship leader

2. Sound and tech people

3. finances

4. Core people

5. For me to keep focused and trusting God with EVERY part of my life and ministry

If any of you would like to help in any area, or could give up some of your time on a Saturday to help pass out 1000 Event cards please let me know.

Once again, thank you all for your prayers and givings to Sherry and I and I am glad to keep you all updated so you can see the results of what your support is doing. Until next time, God Bless and Go MAD

George Gracie Jr.

Lead pastor (Church Planter)
Brooklyn Park Community Church


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