Brooklyn Park Community Church in the Bible

February has seen some things moving forward for the Lord. I want to share with you a couple of them (In another blog following this one). First I want to share what God showed me in His  Word a couple of weeks ago (from a devotion from Charles Swindoll) . During one Bible study, I told the group that Brooklyn Park Community church was in the Bible, they looked at me with their faces saying “this guy has lost it” but to that I would have said I never lost what I didn’t have, but that is another whole story for another time.

Enough of that, now back to our church being in the Bible. In Joshua Chapter 20,

(Excerpt from Insight for living)

Back in the days when the Hebrews settled in Canaan, they set up cities of refuge. People who were in danger—even those guilty of wrongdoing—could escape to one of these six cities and find personal relief and refreshment. Don’t misunderstand. These weren’t sleazy dumping grounds for hardened criminals. These were territories dedicated to the restoration of those who had made mistakes. People who had blown it could flee to one of these places of refuge and not have those inside throw rocks at them.

Today, we have lots of places to meet and sing. To pray. To hear talks from big wooden pulpits. To watch fine things happen. Yes, even to participate occasionally in the action. But where is the place of refuge for those whose lives have gotten soiled in the streets?

More often than we want to admit, we’re bad Samaritans. We’re notorious for not knowing what to do with our wounded. Getting in there and cleaning up those ugly wounds and changing bloody bandages and taking the time to listen and encourage, well . . . let’s be practical, we’re not running a hospital around here.

That makes good sense until you or I need emergency care. Like when you discover your husband is a practicing homosexual. Or your unmarried daughter is pregnant and isn’t listening to you. Or your parent is an alcoholic. Or you get dumped in jail for shoplifting. Or you blew it financially. Or you lost your job and it’s your own fault. Or your wife is having an affair. Or your dad or mom or mate or child is dying of cancer.

Thankfully, in the church today, there are a few lights to help the hurting find their way back. There are dozens and dozens of small groups in churches across our land comprised of caring, authentic, but very human Christians who are committed to growing friendships and deepening relationships. Good Samaritans who have compassion. May their tribe increase!

These are our modern-day cities of refuge.

This is Brooklyn Park Community Church

Bringing Hope to a Community in Need

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