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So I want to apologize for not sending out a blog for July, but we were busy personally and as a church, so I will just try and highlight the 2 the last 2 months as short as possible.

July was a very busy month, as we continued with having worship on Saturday nights at First Baptist Brooklyn, we had several guest come and “check” us out and a couple are still with us. Praise God!! July we had a free water give away. We spent 3 hours giving out water at intersections and at a Walgreen’s and Shoppers supermarket. Over 400 bottles were given out with the church’s logo on it. Why do I tell you this? This event took place on July 12 and we were wearing our church’s shirt on and 2 weeks later I was at a store with the shirt on and someone came up to me and said “hey you are the church that gave out free water”. Even though no one has shown up to church because of it, people are recognizing that we are there.

August, we had a donation yard sale in Shoppers Parking lot. We did a real good job in collecting money for our outreach (over $600) but the more important part is we made connections with people and again no one has shown up (been only 1 week though) again people know that we are out there. So as a church we are cultivating the ground (Community).

One other story that I want to share with you is that on Saturday mornings I go to Starbucks and meet anyone one or more of the guys to come and spend time together. Well this gentleman who is married to one of the ladies that has come, was somewhat against God, but having this relationship with him and not pressuring him, he know looks forward to our time on Saturday’s and now he is starting to attend church. He has not come to the Lord yet, but I know that he will, so hopefully by the next time that I write, I can say that he is not a believer, so please pray for him.

Well that is all for now, I could tell of a few more things that have happened and if you want to know, please message me and I would love to tell you.

Once again, thank you for your prayers and for those who are supporting us financially, thank you, it really is helping us out a lot.

SO here is our prayer list for you all to pray for us.

1. Someone that wants to be a part of God’s church and lead us in music. (We had someone lead us for a month in August and it makes a HUGE difference having a person leads us compared to video’s)

2. We can only have children’s church for our 2-5 years old, so we need someone that is willing and able to help start up children from 1st0 5th grade so that we can reach families with this age group.

3. I am still controlling all the money and I would love to have someone else take this from me, so pray that God will either someone that can do this or He will reveal someone in the church that can do it.

4. I am not that creative, so someone that is creative to help us be more creative (website, promotion ideas, etc.)

5. And as always more core people

Thank you,
God Bless and Go MAD

Pastor George

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