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A Heart Response (Part 2)

Published May 1, 2016

Date: 5/1/2016 Title: A Heart Response (Part 2) Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: Matthew 5:6 Play Sermon We are what we eat, and we eat that for which we have an appetite. Although this axiom refers to food and our physical bodies, it is also true of our souls. Jesus makes this point in the Sermon on the Mount when he declares “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

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A Heart Response (Part 1)

Published April 24, 2016

Date: 4/24/2016 Title: A Heart Response (Part 1) Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: Matthew 5:4-5; Numbers 12     Play Sermon Jesus continues the Sermon on the Mount by declaring “blessed” are those who mourn and those who are meek. Everyone experiences sad and tragic losses at some time or another, often of those we love. Yet, Jesus describes another type of mourning that is deeper: the mourning over our personal sin before a holy God. This mourning, should in turn spur us onto meekness. This is not to be confused as weakness, as the world often presents it. Rather, […]

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The Importance of Being Poor in Spirit

Published April 18, 2016

Date: 4/17/2016 Title: The Importance of Being Poor in Spirit Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: Matthew 5:1-3; Psalm 51       Play Sermon We live in a world that exalts self and prizes self-sufficiency. Yet, this is not the way to enter the kingdom of heaven. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus marks out a different way to the kingdom of heaven: being poor in spirit.

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The True Ministry of Jesus

Published April 10, 2016

  Date: 4/10/2016 Title: The True Ministry of Jesus Speaker: Darryl Stalter Scripture: Matthew 4:12-25       Play Sermon In our world of competing and conflicting messages, it is often confusing to know which one to listen too. Unfortunately, this is also true concerning the true nature of the message and ministry of Christ. With so many competing views to choose from, how is one supposed to make a decision? Fortunately for us, Jesus clearly defines his ministry and message in the Bible.  

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Facing Temptation

Published April 7, 2016

  Date: 4/3/2016 Title: Facing Temptation Speaker: Darryl Stalter Scripture: Matthew 4:1-11       Play Sermon Temptation is something we all face. Temptation often makes what is dangerous and what wants to consume us look both attractive and nourishing. How do we face such temptation? We do not have to guess. Jesus also not only faced temptation, but showed us the way to face and to overcome it.  

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Year end Review for 2015

Published January 27, 2016

I thought I would give you a little update on what is going on here. We have not seen anyone get saved in the last several months but we will be baptizing at least 4 people this Spring/summer at Sandy point. We have had several outreach opportunities with the latest one giving out free coffee and hot chocolate. With this outreach we had our first 3 guest come to our service, they have stayed and 2 of them have joined our C-Group (Community group) which is our home Bible study. One for Men’s night and one for the ladies night. […]

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Sunday School

Published November 19, 2015

Brooklyn Park Community Church is now offering Sunday School for elementary school aged children, as well as children ages 2-5 during our regular 10:30 a.m. Sunday services. We hope to see you soon! Answers Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life! This exciting Sunday school curriculum covers the whole Bible chronologically in four years, providing a powerful overview of God’s Word. *** Background checks are on file or all Children’s Ministry workers and volunteers ***

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Movie Night and Patience

Published October 29, 2015

What a interesting last couple of months. There have been many ups and downs in the last two months. If you know me for any length of time, you know that I am not a very patient person. This has been one of the many things God has and is working on in my life. More on this in a moment. The end of September we held a Community movie night. It was by far the biggest outreach we have done. We sent flyers out everywhere, we were very encouraged that the local rec. football team and the middle school […]

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Water Church

Published September 1, 2015

So I want to apologize for not sending out a blog for July, but we were busy personally and as a church, so I will just try and highlight the 2 the last 2 months as short as possible. July was a very busy month, as we continued with having worship on Saturday nights at First Baptist Brooklyn, we had several guest come and “check” us out and a couple are still with us. Praise God!! July we had a free water give away. We spent 3 hours giving out water at intersections and at a Walgreen’s and Shoppers supermarket. […]

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Bible Studies

Published August 24, 2015

The Book of Revelation: We live in a world that is constantly changing and seems on the verge of some kind of catastrophic transformation. The rise of natural disasters, wars and rumors of wars, unstable economies, violent political oppositions, and the rise of the persecution of Christians may cause us to all wonder where it is all heading. God has not left us in the dark. He has provided us the Book of Revelation to serve as a encouragement to those of us living in such times and to provide us with His irrevocable promise that Jesus will be revealed […]

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