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Movie Night and Patience

What a interesting last couple of months. There have been many ups and downs in the last two months. If you know me for any length of time, you know that I am not a very patient person. This has been one of the many things God has and is working on in my life. More on this in a moment.

The end of September we held a Community movie night. It was by far the biggest outreach we have done. We sent flyers out everywhere, we were very encouraged that the local rec. football team and the middle school helped promote the event. Over 1500 flyers in all. As the night of the event approached, I had no idea how many people would show up. I did have a guess and let me tell you,  I was so under the total that showed up. I had attempted to count the people and the estimated guess was a little over 150 people. Praise God!!

Now back to my impatience, at the beginning of the movie night I introduced God’s church at BPCC and that we just wanted to give back to the community. Now I know that everything you do for the Lord will have immediate impact, I am not that naive. BUT, I thought that someone and yes I mean one would at least check us out.  Since the movie night, not one person showed up to church. We also had a community flea market with more one on one interaction with people and still no one has shown up.

Again if you know me, you know this is very troubling to me. All the efforts put into this, with nothing to show for it. BUT….

I have asked God in the past as well as the present to help me with my impatience and we all know if we ask for something He will give us opportunities to help us. I know what the Bible says that anything done in His name will not go in vain. Our church has not grown in numbers the way that I would like to see it, but I do believe that we are growing spiritually. I know personally that I have spent about 2 months off and on with a guy who at one point would never have stepped into a Bible Study, now attending one, as well as coming to church. He recently just said to me “that he knows there is only two ways, Heaven or Hell”, even though he has not made that profession of faith, God is working.

Another recently event that happened (within the last two weeks) was a lady that I met in the parking lot of Shoppers, she needed 1.50 for something so I gave her the money and moved on, as I was going into the store the Spirit convicted me that I should have given her my card, so I hurried and got what I needed and was praying the whole time that I would see her again. As I was leaving I noticed her on the end of the road (walking). I drove as quickly as I could, jumped out and as she crossed the street, stopped her and told her that, I gave to her physical need and now I want to give to your spiritual need. a couple of days passed and she called my number, I won’t go into details into her life but we again we helped her out with some food, Sherry and I went over to her house and we prayed with her and her boyfriend. She has said she would come to church. So we will see. I have learned over time just because someone has said something about coming, I know that the devil will do whatever power he has to stop them. But the point of these two stories is that I have asked for patience and this is the way God is showing me.

God’s church has not grown like many other church plants I have seen around the area and maybe I am doing something wrong but I know that God is in control and He will use everything for His glory and His timing.

So with that I would like to ask for some prayers,


First of all if you have been praying for me and God’s church here in Brooklyn Park….THANK YOU

1. Please pray for me and our family we are going through some physical and spiritual battles (can not say what they are here, but if you would consider being a prayer warrior, email me and I can give you more details. Know this though to be a Prayer Warrior is someone that you will pray for the needs everyday and it must stay between you and me. I take this very serious and I hope you would too)

2. We have had a couple of families that have shown interested in coming but we have nothing for their kids, so please pray that either someone from our very small group will step up or God will bring people with a passion for kids. What we are looking for is a teacher for Kindergarten through 2nd grade and a teacher for 3rd through 5th grade.

3. Praise God we do have someone that will sing for us but we are still looking for someone that can play either a guitar or keyboard.

Once again thank you for your prayers and for those that are giving financially, thank you, it is being well used for God’s Kingdom

God Bless and Go MAD

George Gracie Jr.

Lead pastor (Church Planter)

Brooklyn Park Community Church