Responding to the Crucified Christ

Date: 2/3/2019
Title: Responding to the Crucified Christ
Speaker: Pastor Darryl J. Stalter
Scripture: Matthew 26:1-16


Sometimes we expect something to be one way, and then we discover that they are another. Unfortunately, this can be true of the gospel. We come to Christ with a certain set of preconceptions, and then he often spends the rest of our lives course correcting them. This is true of us, and the apostles and the people who lived in the first century. Everyone seemed to have their own preconceptions of the Messiah, of the Christ. So, when confronted with the true gospel, there were varied reactions to Him and to His message. To better understand Christ, his gospel, and responses to Him, let us look at the varied responses from Jesus’ time.

Responding to the Crucified Christ (Slides)

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