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Recent Sermons

Here, you’ll find our five latest sermons.  To see more sermons from the past, please click here.


  • What is True Thanksgiving?
      Date: 11/12/2017 Title: What is True Thanksgiving? Speaker: Pastor Daryl J. Stalter Scripture: Luke 17:11-19 Thanksgiving is upon us. It is wonderful that we have a day set aside for thanksgiving to God. Yet, that thanksgiving is often cut short by Black Friday, a day dedicated to rushing to get what we do not have. We can find our selves with a similar struggle in our walk with God. We find ourselves thankful to God in one moment and then in the very next breath as the next trial or distraction comes we forget that thankful attitude. We fluctuate […]
  • When the Storms Come
      Date: 11/5/2017 Title: When the Storms Come Speaker: Pastor Darryl J. Stalter Scripture: Matthew 14:22-36 Storms come to all of us. It is at times like theses that faith is paradoxically most hard and most needed. Even though when the waves are crashing in around us and the winds are roaring against us, Matthew 14 reminds us that Jesus is not just Lord of the times of tranquility, but is Lord of the storm too. As we trust Him in faith as He reveals Himself in the storm in His way and His timing, we can find ourselves walking […]
  • Your Call to Ministry
    Date: 10/29/2017 Title: Your Call to Ministry Speaker: Pastor Darryl J. Stalter Scripture: Matthew 14:13-21   Unfortunately, many of us have bought into the lie that ministry is something that only professional ministers are to do. According to the Bible ministry is not a profession. It is the faithful service of all God’s people rendered unto God and others on His behalf to bring Him glory, build up His church, and reach out to His world. In Matthew 14 Jesus calls on his disciples to minister to a large crowd in the most impossible way to draw them to himself. […]
  • Taking a Stand
    Date: 10/22/2017 Title: Taking a Stand Speaker: Pastor Darryl J Stalter Scripture: Matthew 14:1-13   We live in a world that champions tolerance, exepct for those whom they deem intolerant. The world defines the intolerant as those who dare to believe in an absolute truth, such as those Christians who dare believe the truth of the Word of God as revealed in the Bible. It is in this environment that God calls us to take a stand.
  • Facing Your Giants-Boldly Go
    Date: 10/15/2017 Title: Facing Your Giants-Boldly Go Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8 The reason we are to overcome our giants is so that God can use us. We live in a lost and dying world that God wants to reach with the gospel. He asks, “who we shall he send”. As a Christian we should respond, “Here I am, send me.”