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New is Better than Old

Published December 21, 2016

  Date: 12/18/2016 Title: New is Better than Old Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: Matthew 9:14-17   In Matthew 9 Jesus is questioned why his disciples did not follow the Jewish stringent tradition of fasting. Jesus responded by stating that he did not come to patch up Jewish traditional religiosity with the grace found in Him. Rather, the grace found in Christ stands alone. Likewise, when Christ comes into us he gives us a new life rather than being added to or patching up the old one.

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Life Changing Call

Published December 15, 2016

Date: 12/11/2016 Title: Life Changing Call Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: Matthew 9:9-13   In Matthew 9 Jesus meets Matthew where he is at and calls him from his sinful life to “follow me”. This resulted in accusations against Jesus because he associated himself sinners. Yet, Jesus points out that his entire ministry is to show mercy to sinners, calling them from their lives of sin into following after Him. As followers of Christ, we should be so blessed to have the same charge leveled against us.

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The Charge Given

Published December 15, 2016

Date: 12/4/2016 Title: The Charge Given Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:1-5   In 2 Timothy, Paul charges his young protégé Timothy to “always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” Although it is easy to treat this passage a merely being applicable to young pastors, it is actually a charge to all believers to fulfill whatever ministry to which God has called them.

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Four Things to Know About Demons

Published November 20, 2016

Date: 11/20/2016 Title: Four Things to Know About Demons Speaker: Darryl J. Stalter Scripture: Matthew 8:28-34   When it comes to demons, people often fall into one of two extremes. One elevates the power of Satan and demons to a form of dualism (being equal with God), seeing them around every corner, behind every sin, and requiring a theatrical power encounter on par with Hollywood films. The other extreme is to dismiss the concept of Satan and demons completely as a primitive concept of mental disorders. Yet, the Bible and Jesus treat demons as real. Our text today suggests that […]

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What to Do When the Storms Come

Published November 13, 2016

Date: 11/13/2016 Title: What to Do When the Storms Come. Speaker: Darryl J. Stalter Scripture: Matthew 8:23-27     At one time or another we all find ourselves in a storm of life. In Matthew 8 the disciples find themselves in a literal storm that threatens their very lives. It is through this storm that the Lord teaches his disciples about faith and about who he is. Like to disciples, we too can find solace in the storms in Jesus Christ who is even Lord of the storm.

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Following Jesus

Published November 7, 2016

Date: 11/6/2016 Title: Following Jesus Speaker: Darryl J. Stalter Scripture: Matthew 8:18-22     Jesus calls us to follow him. Yet, for many of us we are not exactly sure what this means, or what it may cost. In Matthew 8, two people show an interest in following Jesus, but are unwilling to pay the cost. Like us, they wanted to follow Jesus, but on their own terms. Jesus challenges them and us to weigh the cost of following him. Although salvation is free, bought with the precious blood of Jesus, following him may and does cost us everything. But […]

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The Lord My Healer

Published October 30, 2016

Date: 10/30/2016 Title: The Lord My Healer Speaker: Darryl J. Stalter Scripture: Matthew 8:1-17     The Old Testament prophet Isaiah promised concerning the coming Messiah, “He took our illnesses and bore our diseases.” Unfortunately, this precious promise of Scripture can be a source of division, condemnation, and doubt if not taken in its context. Although Jesus physically heals individuals in this passage, his desire is for so much more. He does not desire mere physical healing, but a complete healing that is a result of our faith in his completed work in the cross and resulting in our service […]

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Two Foundations

Published October 23, 2016

Date: 10/23/2016 Title: Two Foundations Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: Matthew 7:24-29 The most important, yet least discussed, part of a house is its foundation. The same is true of our lives. Whether or not we acknowledge it or not, we build our lives on some kind of foundation. The question is on which foundation are we building. In the closing of the Sermon on the Mount Jesus tells us that the only sure foundation is found in his word and our obedience to it.

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Does Jesus Know You?

Published October 18, 2016

Date: 10/16/2016 Title: Does Jesus Know You? Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: Matthew 7:21-23 The promise of Scripture is clear: salvation is by faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. The only question is what constitutes faith? In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus tells us that saving faith is not merely an oral confession of “Lord, Lord”, but is a confession of one’s whole life that seeks to do the will of the Father.

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Two Choices

Published October 10, 2016

Date: 10/9/2016 Title: Two Choices Speaker: Pastor George Gracie Scripture: Matthew 7:13-20 In our pluralistic society the idea that there are many paths to God or to heaven is widely accepted. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus counters that belief by presenting us with two choices. The first is the wide and easy way of the world that many enter and that leads to destruction. The other is the narrow and hard way that few find and leads to life. This is a choice we each have to make.

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